Things to Carry: Bhrigu Lake Trek

Bhrigu lake trek


The Bhrigu Lake Trek is an alpine lake trek located in Manali, Himachal Pradesh. This trek comes in the category of high-level treks. Bhrigu Lake Trek journey is a trekking journey of 3 days. The altitude of this trek is 14,000ft. Most of the alpine meadows start around 11,00ft, above the treeline. Once the trekking journey starts, you reach the alpine meadows within just 10 minutes of the trek itself.

Trekking has a lot of requirements. You must take care that you carry all the necessities without fail. As the Bhrigu lake trek is a high-level trek, let’s have a look at the important things you must carry.

  • Covid 19 Compliance
  • Basic Gears
  • Clothing
  • Personal utilities
  • Entertainment

Covid 19 Compliance

  • Since there were pandemic situations it is mostly preferred that you should carry with you a covid negative as well as the vaccination certificate. For the Bhrigu lake trek, it’s a must that the trekkers provide a negative result which dates not earlier than 72 hours before the arrival in Chandigarh. No trekker is allowed with the digital certificate.
  • Make sure you carry a covid prevention kit, like a mask, gloves, sanitizer, etc. Remember your health safety is a must. Also, carry a first aid kit along with you.
  • The temperature condition is pleasant but as you trek towards the higher altitude the temperature falls to as low as 3 to 4 degrees at night. Make sure you have the proper necessities to fight the cold weather.

Basic Gears

  • Make sure that you carry a backpack that has a rain cover and comfortable shoulder straps.
  • Also, do carry a daypack which also has a rain cover if you want to offload your backpack.
  • As the trekking journey is of high altitude make sure you carry a trekking pole or stick for support. Trekking sticks always provide good support in high-level trekking journeys.
  • Water is one main requirement. Don’t forget to carry a water bottle. Carry a water bottle that can at least hold up to one liter of water.
  • Carry healthy snacks for boosting your energy. You can carry snacks like energy bars, dry fruits, or electral in case.


  • When you go on a trekking adventure, you must wear the most comfortable and necessary clothes. Clothes play an important role while on a trekking journey. You must carry clothes according to the weather conditions of the trekking place.
  • Mostly prefer the trek pants (carry 2 pairs with you )and avoid the tight-fitted pants and shorts.
  • Wear T-shirts (carry 2 to 3 pairs with you) and avoid cotton ones.
  • As the temperature is quite cold, carry a sweater or a fleece jacket along with you.
  • You can also carry a good quality down jacket.
  • In cold regions like the Bhrigu lake trek, try to wear layers of insulation. In cold conditions, it’s always good to wear layers than just wearing a single thick jacket.
  • Make sure you get both the lower and upper thermals to keep your body warm and serve as the innermost layers of your coverups.
  • Carry sweaters that will serve as the middle layers of your coverups. Make sure you carry a minimum of 2 sweaters for the trekking journey.
  • Your down/fleece jackets which are water and windproof will serve as the outermost layer of your coverups. These will protect you from the strong cold winds.
  • Carry a winter cap and scarf to protect your ears and neck from the cold temperature.
  • You can also experience showers of rain during the Bhrigu lake trek. So, carry a raincoat or a poncho along with you.
  • At higher altitudes along with the cold temperature during the night, the sun can be harsh during the day, Carry a sun cap to protect yourself from the harsh sun rays.
  • Carry a few pairs of both woolen as well as cotton socks to protect your feet.
  • Shoes play an important role in the trekking journey. Wear hiking boots of good quality to ease up your trekking journey. Also carry a pair of floaters along with you, in case you want to relax your feet after the trek.
  • Also, carry a pair of waterproof gloves.

Personal utilities

  • As the Bhrigu lake trek is a trekking journey of three days, make sure you carry sunscreen lotion, sunglasses, chapstick, hand sanitizer, moisturizer, antibacterial powder, quick dry towel, toothbrush, toothpaste, toilet paper, and wipes.
  • If you are a woman, make sure you carry sanitary pads or whatever you use for your menstrual health. It is important to carry them along with you because many women tend to have irregular periods during the travel journey or the stress after climbing a high trek can cause the early arrival of your periods.


  • The trekking journey is entertaining in itself. But you can carry along some card games, frisbees, balls, etc to ease up the stress of trekking.
  • If you have a pair of speakers, make sure you carry them along with you. Everyone on the journey can enjoy music when on the bus and the place where you are going to stay.


Trekking journey of the Bhrigu lake trek is an amazing and memorable one. The trekking journey gets more comfortable and you can enjoy it to your fullest only when you carry all the necessities along with you. So, before going on a trekking journey, make sure that you check up on the trail and weather conditions of the trekking place and carry the necessities accordingly.

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