How To Speed Up Your Sluggish Computer

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Everyone is aware of how annoying it is when their computer is running slowly. In the high-tech, quick-paced world of today, we get impatient and feel like we’re wasting our time if we have to wait more than a few seconds for things to load on our computers. 

Want to boost computer speed today easily and quickly? Okay my friend, take a couple of quick minutes out of your busy day, and learn more about 3 incredibly easy solutions you can speed up your slow computer in just a few minutes!

Fortunately, there are several ways to make your computer run faster. Whether you have a Mac or a Personal Computer, we are sharing 10 tips to try before you resort to taking a hammer to your computer:

1. Stop programmes from starting up automatically when your computer turns on.

One of the biggest causes of slow computer performance is this. Many computers run programmes automatically in the background, using memory and slowing down the machine in the process. You should enable automatic operation for some programmes, such as firewall and antivirus software, but you can disable it for others, such as Microsoft Office or iTunes, until you actually need it.

2. Delete/uninstall programs you don’t use.

Pre-installed software is a common feature of new computers; these programmes take up space and automatically conduct background tasks. Enter the control panel and remove the programmes you don’t require, taking care to leave the ones you do.

System registry cleanup to speed up the computer. There are other ways to deal with these issues as well, but the ones stated above are the most efficient, hassle-free, and affordable options. This is the best way to Speed Up a Slow Computer if you have a Windows computer and will make it run more quickly.

3. To clean hard disk space.

Check your computer’s free space to see how much is available. Your computer can lag if there is less than 15% free space. Get rid of outdated software and files, or try to compress some of your files. Keep in mind that your operating system may be having issues if your computer is functioning slowly and the storage space isn’t full.

4. Upload outdated photos or movies to the cloud or an external disc.

This makes a significant amount of RAM space available, which will speed up your machine. Another excellent approach to back up any old family photos you don’t want to lose is to store them in the cloud or on an external device.

5. Carry out a disc repair or cleansing.

Every time you use a programme or boot up your computer, a large number of temporary files are created. These temporary files, which include Internet history, cookies, and caches, occupy a large amount of space on your hard drive and cause further system slowdown. 

6. Switching your desktop computer’s power plan to High Performance.

To regulate how much power is used by the computer, various power plans are available. High Performance will boost the computer’s speed and performance while certain options maximise battery life by reducing performance. 

7. Make sure you have anti-virus, spyware scanner, and anti-malware installed.

Your PC would be able to run faster if it’s not spending time trying to manage bugs and viruses. It is an added layer of protection to keep your computer safe!

8. Run a disk defragment to optimize HDD’s efficiency.

Your computer must look for file pieces that may be dispersed over your hard disc when data is fragmented. By organising your files and clearing up space, defragmenting will enable your computer to access data more quickly.

9.Add more RAM to your computer.

RAM is the short-term memory that your computer uses to run programmes. Your computer will slow down if you do not have enough RAM because it needs more as you run more apps. By purchasing an additional memory stick, you may quickly add more RAM; but, if necessary, you can also replace the RAM or purchase a brand-new RAM.

10.Update your computer’s software

Software upgrades will address errors and hiccups that slow down your machine. On a Mac, select About this Mac from the Apps menu found in the Apple icon menu.


It shouldn’t be necessary to purchase a brand-new computer or spend a lot of money to make one perform quicker. Try these suggestions as soon as you notice your computer slowing down to avoid becoming impatient and frustrated.

We just shared some tips to speed up your sluggish computer, and if these tips do not work then you may contact us at

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